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Are you Ready to Explore a World of Coffee?

You’ve come to the right place. The Café La Fortuna Coffee Club is your passport to experiencing premium coffees from around the globe in the comfort of your own home. 

Our coffee club delivers everything you already love about Café La Fortuna:

  • Just-picked green coffee beans purchased from small plantations
  • Beans that are perfectly roasted in-house in small batches
  • Coffees that have the best flavor and fragrance (the kind you dream about!)

Exclusive Coffees: Our love (and yours!) of the perfect cup of coffee isn’t stagnant, which means we enjoy trying new varieties from all over the world. We will bring these new varieties to you each month as an exclusive, members only, “Special Origin of the Month” coffee.

You will be delighted with these exotic coffees sourced from only the best small plantations around the world.

Exclusive Offers: When you become a member of the Café La Fortuna Coffee Club, you unlock exclusive offers created with our members in mind. Currently, we are offering a free, 8 ounce tumbler with a prepaid six-month subscription.

Special Delivery: We will deliver all of these wonderful aromatic coffees to you as part of the Café La Fortuna Coffee Club. As a special gift, shipping is free.

Each month, you will receive:

  • One, 12 ounce bag of our regular coffee
  • One, 12 ounce bag of our Special Origin of the Month Coffee
  • One, 4 ounce bag of our blended coffee

Price: $40 per month

Sign up for month to month subscription OR

Sign up for 6 months at a time and get a FREE 8oz. Tumbler

Sign up for month to month subscription

Sign up for 6 months and get a FREE 8oz. Tumbler


Welcome to our Mexican coffee offering from Oaxaca. The proximity to the other coffee growing states like Chiapas and Veracruz makes this a nice subtle smooth drink. Our suggested roast helps deliver the smooth caramel, sweet chocolatey taste with slight floral notes. This coffee has a medium body and goes well with breakfast which can be enjoyed every day with your preferred brewing method. If you grind your own, feel free to experiment with different grinds and embrace the difference in taste. This coffee is 100% washed arabica from the mountains facing the Pacific Ocean. Oaxaca is among the top five coffee producers in Mexico. People from Oaxaca are hard workers and so proud of their heritage that many cultural events are famous for their ancestral tradition–black clay pottery, exquisite foods, sunny beaches, tourism, and archeological sites. No matter your style of vacation, Oaxaca has something to offer to their guests. Consider pairing this coffee with chocolate, a sweet pastry, or fruit jams!

Our Kenya coffee is roasted to enhance the unique attributes from this African country. These washed arabica deliver a full body with wine and citrus notes. The taste profile is best when taken with very little or no sugar and cream. If you grind your own, definitely play with the different coarseness and brewing methods at your disposal. For better extraction, consider water temperature when pouring—it’s best at 200-204 degrees Fahrenheit. If doing Chemex, consider slow pours to enhance and unlock all the flavors. Kenya is among the top 10 most recognized origins, famous for their auction system dating many years before the cup of excellence was developed. The mountain soil and altitude makes this a favorite coffee for darker and more pronounced taste profiles, making this a favorite for that special weekend cup of java.


At this time is not, but it’s possible for the future!

  • 1, 12oz bag of our Regular Coffee in Medium Roast or Espresso
  • 1, 12oz bag of our Special Origin of the Month. This will change from month to month and we are sure you will love it! An informational card on this coffee will be included each month.
  • 1, 4oz bag of our blended coffee.
  • If you sign up for 6 months you’ll also get a free tumbler!

Yes, this is our special gift to you as a club member.


Yes! Send us a message at or cancel via Paypal.

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