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About Us

Remember going to visit your grandma, or maybe a favorite aunt? You walk in the house and it smells great—the coffee is fresh, and bread or cookies just came out of the oven. 

That is how it feels when you walk into Café La Fortuna, except you’ll have to imagine the hug shimmering in the air between us, as we are committed to keeping you safe.

Owner, Angela Lavelli, sees the café as an extension of her kitchen, a place where you will find a warm welcome, together with small batch coffee beans roasted daily. Since 2012, she has turned them into wonderfully decadent drinks, like the Café con Leche or Mayan Coffee, and in that time has become one of the treasured jewels in Hinsdale’s downtown.

Angela has always been focused on the community she is so gratefully a part of. She shows her support for her customers by making sure she sources only the best ingredients for her drinks, paninis, and the specialty items in her pastry case.

So, take a seat and enjoy a few peaceful minutes relaxing with your drink, but beware—the smell of grilling paninis will drift by to tempt you just as much as the pastry case did inside.

The Inspiring Story of Café La Fortuna


In-House Roasting

We roast our coffee beans in small batches every day and use them in all of our specialty and coffee drinks. Our beans are single origin and come from small plantations in Mexico.

The coffee bean roasting process is something we enjoy here at Café La Fortuna. A heat process takes the just-picked green beans and turns them into dark brown beans that are then ground and used to make the fragrant coffees and espresso that we all love so much.

The heating process uses high temperatures to cause chemical changes to the beans during the roasting process. When the beans have reached the desired level, anywhere from a light roast to the darkest roast, they are then cooled quickly.

The result is a bean that is crunchy if chewed (like those coated in chocolate that you might have tried) and is then ready to be ground and brewed. We do this in small batches each day because the freshest roast beans make the most fragrant and flavorful drinks.

We are committed to making you the perfect cup of coffee, and that means we need perfectly roasted beans.

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Café La Fortuna – Hinsdale
46 Village Place
Hinsdale, IL 60521